A one-of-a-kind course creation program that will take you from overwhelm to clarity fast. You will not only learn exactly how to create your own cutting-edge course or program, but you'll become part of a power zone to guarantee that your unique vision gets shared with the world.


Brace yourself for an innovative approach on course creation and bring your expertise to new levels

Your clients deserve a great experience when they work with you. It´s that simple. And the standard approach is not cutting it. Most online courses are just a boring series of talking head videos. It´s embarrassing to even call that learning. And adding some Zoom calls will not make it any better. There are much better ways to create online learning. And that´s what we work on with The Course Masters Academy. 

Now you can design and create a online programs that are so exciting and aligned that your business starts to feel easy.

Would you like to quit your 9-5 and have your own online business?

Would you like to have a side hustle next to your job for more satisfaction and extra income?

Do you already have 1:1 customers, but want to help more people and scale your business?

Is it about time that you monetize all your talents and experience?

Making your own online course and selling it, gives you the freedom to make your own choices.

I am Jeremine Holt and I developed this program for you. It will take you on an exciting journey from a vague idea to your first online course or program in 12 weeks. This is for you if you want to make a substantial income and work where and how you want. Just follow the steps, spice it up with your creativity and you're on your way.

Learn everything you need to know about course creation

Develop an online course while getting support and accountability

You can work with me until you make your first sales

A unique course that makes me feel stronger every day because I'm working step by step towards a new future...

"This program gave me direction and clarity and prevented me to do 'a little bit of everything'. I got a good idea of what I needed to do and how. And also the different possibilities of how to put the course online were put in a broader perspective so I could make thought-out choices."

Karen Tolido

The Course Masters Course

To begin with you get a new module every week for eight weeks with explanations, practices, and of course the assignments to step-by-step create your own top-of-the-bill online course.

Get your creative juices flowing and you'll be on your way to design and create your whole unique signature offer and finally get your vision out into the world.

PLUS every week a masterclass, workshop, interview or Q&A

The online course is set up to do by yourself, but here comes THE MAIN PART:
Every week you will be invited to an online confidence boosting power session.

Creating a course or program is a marathon but we need regular boosts to not get side tracked! Now to keep the momentum going we will meet once a week in our Course Masters power zone. It's gonna be exciting!

Two in one: a great roadmap to follow and every week a power boost.

How does this program work?

With eight weekly modules, you can work towards your very own online course or program at a comfortable pace.
There will be basic lessons about the technical part, the course outline and learning design.
Soon enough you'll have all the knowledge to confidently shoot video´s, create presentations and write your texts.
By the end of this program you will have your Beta course ready and you can start the first test round with your own pilot group.

But while you work on your course we'll start talking about strategies for social media, landing pages and sales. Because your offer is just the beginning. You will need to bring it out into the world and sell it. And you want to do that in a way that feels good to you.


When you know exactly who your learners are and what they need to take action and get results, you can tailor your offer precisely towards that goal.


You will need to tame your wild ideas a bit to design an exhilarating learning experience. And with the outline already set up you can release all your creativity to create the content.


No standard solutions, but you'll get good explanations about the tech you can use and the learning platforms to host your course.


We will weave mindset and magnetic marketing through the whole course, so when all is set you can share your vision and sell your offer to all the right people.

Vanessa Geita
financial educator

Jeremine took the time & interest in my Instagram content creation, learnt about my course creation aspirations in a country where course creation is literally non-existent, and offered me this online course that hit the spot! I've been on the lookout for something in this kinda language/messaging and it was just my cup of tea ☕😚 I am literally buzzing with excitement to take more ACTION steps towards my beta course plans, as well as buy her next course! Thank you Jeremine 💖

Yolanda Vrolijk,
eLearning developer

I have worked with Jeremine several times on eLearning projects for the Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam. Her creativity and passion to make the best possible learning experience are always inspiring.
With this course on course creation she explains the process step by step. And I was suprised that even I learned new things. 
We use the course now to train new colleagues in the learning department of the hospital, because we need a lot of eLearning and Jeremine´s course is perfect for that.

Gaby Thuyns,
mindfulness coach

As a mindfulness coach I wanted to have a digital course for my clients so they can mix online learning with the workshops and coaching sessions I give.
Jeremine helped me with choosing my topic and describing my target audience, because I had so many ideas that I got overwhelmed.
I also enjoyed the live workshops she organized.  We had a lot of fun and it helped me overcome my camera shyness.
Jeremine´s course is unique and very well made. I can absolutely recommend it when you want to create your online course.


Jeremine Holt

I am Jeremine, course creator, freedom seeker, entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist, teacher, coach, neurodiverse parent, stubborn world-improver, person on a mission.

And also an experienced instructional designer who knows how to create and sell unique learning experiences.
Rotterdam is my place to be, but it's my dream to travel the world while I can take my business with me. And when you also dream of that kind of freedom (or when you enjoy working from home and be the boss of your own time), I'd love to take you on that voyage of discovery.

Are you on Social Media? Let's connect!

Instagram is my go-to platform with daily tips and course creation posts.

IN 8 WEEKS YOUR OWN COURSE ONLINE (and one extra month to implement)


So what do think your course will be about? 


Now it's time for some deep diving to get to the core of things


Chunk that info and make a great curriculum


The plan finally comes together


Don't waste time: start creating


All this webtech drives me crazy. Hold it! That's not necessary.


The dopamine button


Everything done? Here comes the test team


€ 295

One payment

  • Online course with 8 modules about how to create a top-of-the-bill course.
  • FB group for extra lessons, interviews and feedback
  • Get a reduced price for the Academy


€ 960

One payment or three payments

  • The Course Masters Course
  • Be part of the exclusive power zone with weekly masterclasses, workshops, Q&A's and surprise party's during three months or until your course is ready.
  • 24/7 support
  • Personal support!


€ 3000

One payment or three  payments

  • Almost like 'done for you', but then in collaboration with you
  • Including The Course Masters Academy
  • Success guaranteed!

You're not just building your course, you're building your future

Course creation can be either a side hustle or a career, but whatever you choose, it will be the start of living a more authentic and abundant life.

The old ways are not working anymore, we´re getting ready for the future

You´re building your business so you can have a sustainable income for years to come. That means you have to embrace new ways of course creation.

You can do this!

With clear step-by-step instructions, worksheets and personal support when need it, you will create an exceptional course and a thriving online business.


The Course Masters Academy is both a self-directed course and a weekly masterclass or workshop. Whether or not your course will be successful is of course depending on you. At the end of this program you will have a great offer that you can use for beta testing with a real audience. That's the  way to find out if everything works and get your first testimonials.

When you have the budget and you want to go much faster and have no worries about the process of creation and the result, I advice you to go for The Course Masters Intensive. Then you don't have to do it alone, but you will have me on your side as a co-creator.

I love to work with coaches and creators who already have a practice. That means you already have an audience and you can ask them what will help them most. With an online course you can reach a whole new audience and scale your business, but you can also use it to help your existing clients get more out of working with you. Online learning can´t replace real life interaction, but it can help people implement, spend more time with you and practice new skills.

When this is your first course and you don't have a large following yet, your next step after creating your beta course will be to build up your confidence so you can talk about the results for your clients with ease and pride. There is no one size fits all when it comes to selling courses, but you will have to embrace building your personal brand and go all in. Are you ready for that? While you create your course you can start growing your audience and warming them up for what you are going to bring into the world.

There are all kinds of ways to sell the amazing offer you are about to create without having to do unethical salesy stuff. I can tell you all about it so you won't have to struggle for years until you find the secret to this.

OK, I made up my mind, I have a vision that needs to get out into the world and I want to build an online business around it that gives me a good income and loads of freedom.